Video Editing

Filming with your video camera is great fun, and nowadays a relatively cost effective thing to do. The problem is, showing someone your holiday video is always fun for the first half an hour, after four hours everyone becomes bored!

Simple answer, Let April Productions take this footage, add titles, pictures, music and edit your home video into a professional up tempo movie!

Even if you have been collecting tapes over the last few years of the children or grand children growing up, now is the time to put them together so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Maybe you have a stag or hen party that needs putting together, the possibilities are endless.

Before the work is carried out a short meeting will take place to discuss your requirements, music, photos, special effects or style that you would like it edited.

The cost is calculated at £17 per hour, and we will supply you with an
“at worse case scenario” quote, that way you know what the top price for the service will be.

All Prices include one DVD, but can be upgraded for Blu-ray.

To discuss what we can do for you,
please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Formats Accepted:

Low band umatic
mini DV
full size DV
mini DVCAM

To upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray, please add £15 per disc

All work is carried out on the understanding that you own the copyright
 or have written permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the video tapes. If you are in any way confused about copyright please get in touch.DVD Production :
By default DVD’s are supplied on DVD-r .
Please check your player compatibility
DVD+r can be supplied on request at no extra charge